Faces of Savannah Quarters®

May 2nd, 2019

The team at Savannah Quarters® works tirelessly to ensure that our residents and members of The Club have an exceptional experience. From creating exquisite dining experiences to planning amazing activities, our team is always thinking of new and exciting ways to raise the bar. We spoke with a variety of team members from departments all across Savannah Quarters® to give you an insider’s look on life inside Savannah’s friendliest community.

A Community of Quality

First, we spoke with Richard Phillips, a Project Manager for Savannah Quarters®. He manages and oversees all aspects related to land development within our community. His responsibilities include turning undeveloped areas into beautiful neighborhoods by obtaining local and state permits, working on construction logistics and a variety of additional important steps that make development possible. Richard has a great track record for providing exceptional results through everything he does. We asked him some questions about being a Project Manager in our amazing community.

SQ: What’s a day like in the life of a project manager at Savannah Quarters®?

RP: Fun! I’m always learning something new. Any day can present a new challenge, which means I constantly have to adapt.

SQ: What are some aspects of Savannah Quarters® that you wish everyone knew about?

RP: The quality of our staff at The Club, the seclusion of the neighborhood while still extremely convenient, the multiple amenities we have to offer and the awesome Mahi Mahi Blackened Tacos with the chipotle aioli!

SQ: Describe how you and your team approach challenges for the betterment of Savannah Quarters®.

RP: Our goal is to support the 3 C’s of our business, “Customer, Colleagues, Company” equally to provide a well-balanced environment.

SQ: What’s new or coming soon in development at SQ?

RP: On the commercial side; in addition to the new Publix, we have an area under construction – The Commons – which is a village style shopping center. Some of the current tenants are Savannah Coffee Roasters, Taco Stache, Aveda, Cycle Bar and Which Wich. Mosaic Towne Center has announced Costco and Starbucks. All of this in addition to the new St. Joseph’s/Candler facility, SQ is the place to be. On the residential side; we are currently working on a few different areas to release single-family homes, both within Westbrook and Easthaven.

The Flavors of Savannah

Next, we spoke with Pamela Thompson, the Food & Beverage Director for Savannah Quarters®. With an incredible and award-winning background in the culinary arts, Pamela leads the culinary team to make a menu unlike any other. We loved learning about a day in the life of Pamela and her team!

SQ: What elements define The Club’s food and beverage experience?

PT: We define ourselves as being the home away from home for our Members. We keep excitement in the presentation of our food as we know most people eat with their eyes first, and the taste and quality follow. Our wait staff gives personalized service to each person that walks into the dining room and we make sure that they remember their experience with us when they leave! Overlooking the 18th hole in our lounge area, the view is dynamic. It is the perfect place to be whether you are enjoying the food or just having a great drink from our bar!

SQ: How does your team keep up with the hectic nature of working at The Club?

PT: The team strives for quality and being the best at what we do. We continuously encourage one another and have a great sense of teamwork, which allows us to produce an amazing final outcome – happy members and guests!

SQ: What’s your favorite dish that every member MUST try?

PT: My favorite dish is our signature Crab Cakes. We use fresh jumbo lump crab meat with a long-time special recipe. We accompany it with sautéed corn and fresh tomatoes and topped with cotija cheese and a lime cilantro aioli… this dish will melt in your mouth!

SQ: What experience can those that book events at The Club at Savannah Quarters® expect?

PT: Booking an event with us will bring excitement before your event even happens. We have a great Director of Catering, Millie Grimes, who has tons of experience. You’ll love every minute, from meeting and planning your event, to tastings with our Executive Chef and customizing your plans. We offer breathtaking experiences where our guests are completely happy from beginning to end!

A Voice of the Community

We then spoke with Matthew Devita, a Sales Executive for Savannah Quarters®. His job is to know the ins and outs of our amazing community, and it was great to learn more about his insights.

SQ: What do you love about being part of the Savannah Quarters® sales team?

MD: Aside from being able to work at an award-winning community, the team itself is incredible. From the leadership at SQ to my fellow Sales Executives, everyone is very supportive of everything we do. We all want what’s best for each other and celebrate each other’s successes.

SQ: How do you help people as a sales executive?

MD: It’s my goal to paint a realistic picture of the lifestyle offered by Savannah Quarters®. It’s my responsibility to help people understand our community, find the right property for them and answer any questions that they may have. If they decide Savannah Quarters® is the place for them, I’m here to help them call it home.

SQ: What’s the most important thing for somebody to know about Savannah Quarters®?

MD: Savannah Quarters® might be the friendliest community I’ve been to. I’ve seen current homeowners invite people that I’ve had on tour to come have dinner with them in their homes! Whether you are a local and already know people that live here, or from out of state and don’t know a soul, the residents are going to welcome you with open arms.

SQ: What parts of SQ are growing, and what are you most excited about for the future?

MD: Not only is the community growing in terms of homes and new homeowners, but The Village at Savannah Quarters® is continuing to grow and offer convenience to the residents. I’m excited about both of these for the future. The growth at The Village is something that brings excitement to the residents but with the continued growth of the community and the builder partners that we have, we are able to offer a little bit of something to everyone that walks in the door when it comes to their home search. Of course, there is also the Design Home Showcase at The Reserve, where you can tour gorgeous model homes and quickly find inspiration.

After speaking with these three amazing members of the Savannah Quarters® team, we love our community even more, if that’s possible! From the amazing dishes, social opportunities and fun at The Club to all the gorgeous homes available, this is truly an incredible community. We hope that you’ve become inspired and want to take a tour of Savannah Quarters®! It won’t take long for you to see why it’s one of the best communities in all of Georgia.