Savannah Quarters® Is Where You Have The Wedding You’ve Always Wanted

February 28th, 2018

Spring is coming, flowers are blooming, and love is in the air. This is, naturally, a time when a lot of couples begin thinking about their wedding.

Brides know this is the biggest, most important day of their life. And no one understands that better than Pamela Thompson, Food and Beverage Director at Savannah Quarters®. Pamela is responsible for ensuring wedding memories are beautiful and lasting. And she wants to put her experience to work for you. After all, she’s been doing this for more than 12 years, and she’s got the success of your big day down to a science.

“There’s really no better place to have your wedding than right here at Savannah Quarters®,” she says. “It’s your one-stop shop for the wedding and the reception, and everything we do is designed to take the load off the bride so she can focus on her day.”

No matter what size wedding you anticipate, Savannah Quarters® can handle it. They have three event lawns to accommodate wedding parties and guests from 40 to 300 people. And Pamela is not kidding about this being a turnkey service. “We take care of every detail, from lighting the celebratory sparklers to handing out wedding cake to the guests.”

“This is going to be a small wedding.”

When Jessica and Kevin Terry got married on March 25, 2017, they already knew Pamela and many of the other employees at Savannah Quarters®. That’s because Jessica’s parents have lived here for years. Once Jessica and Kevin had compiled their guest list, they assured Pamela that “this is going to be a small wedding.” However, they had forgotten to include friends and associates of their parents, and soon the list of attendees had climbed from 80 to 120 people. 

“Fortunately, I got to focus on the fun stuff—food, drink & decorations,” explained Jessica. She and Kevin agreed to keep their wedding relatively simple, so they could spend the evening making time for “dancing and partying with family and friends—that’s what’s most important to us.”

Jessica and Kevin had considered venues in downtown Savannah, but there were too many hassles and headaches (and many additional expenses). Kevin says their Savannah Quarters® wedding was “an overwhelming success” and that “the staff went out of their way to make the day special.” Guests came up afterwards, telling them how classy the event was. Jessica says many of the women in attendance told her “this is what I want my wedding to be like!”

“But the best thing was that everyone on the staff was genuinely happy for us,” says Jessica. “It was an environment of love.”

“It was everything I hoped for.”

Charlotte and Kenny Llanos decided to get married at Savannah Quarters® for a number of reasons.

First, Charlotte’s sister Brittany had gotten married in Savannah years ago, and Charlotte was really impressed by how beautiful the area is. Brittany had also worked with Pamela for a number of years at Savannah Quarters®, so Charlotte had the inside scoop on what a perfect venue this is for weddings.

Secondly, Savannah just happened to be the perfect halfway point for Charlotte’s relatives living in Virginia, and Kenny’s family in Florida. 

But the real decision came down to what a wedding at Savannah Quarters® would mean for her special day. “It’s a beautiful place, with an awesome staff that showed us everything that could be possible,” she explained. “Not to mention the food is amazing, the views are stunning, and the inside is simply beautiful.” Sounds like everything you need for a picture perfect day.

And it was.

More than 120 guests enjoyed a whirlwind day that included an outdoor ceremony, emotional speeches, lots of salsa dancing (Kenny’s family is from Colombia), and a HUGE sparkler send-off. Charlotte was impressed. “It takes a lot to get a crowd this big together, especially with kids running around, but the day was perfect. It was everything I hoped for.”

Thank you notes from thankful brides.

New brides often stay busy after their wedding, writing notes of thanks to the attendees and for the many gifts received. So it’s especially impressive when they also take the time to write Pamela and the Savannah Quarters® staff.

One gracious letter said “If you’re looking for the PERFECT venue to have your wedding, don’t look any further. This was the first place we looked at and the last. Thanks to Pamela and the entire staff for the professionalism that poured over into our entire evening.”

Another reads “Pam Thompson and her staff did a superhuman job of granting all our wishes. The Savannah Quarters® staff performed professionally and discreetly.”

It’s your wedding. Let’s make it perfect. You can start with a call to Pamela, and let the possibilities begin from there. Contact her at or by calling 912.450.2280 EXT 252.