Spend May in the Heart of it All

May 17th, 2024

The beautiful weather in May makes spring one of the best seasons in Savannah. Whether you’re looking for outdoor events like bike tours or sports, or more cultural pursuits like historical tours or art museums, Savannah has it all.

Go Nuts at a Bananas Ball Game!

The Savannah Bananas Baseball Team is guaranteed to entertain with antics that are as rowdy and outrageous as their bright yellow uniforms. The family-friendly games include the world’s only Breakdancing Coach, classic baseball concession, the Banana Pep Band, and of course, America’s favorite pastime.

Cool Off with Some Culture

If you want to take a break from the Savannah sun, visit the Jepson Center for the Arts. With more than 7,500 square feet, the space is host to traveling exhibitions of contemporary art, as well as installations from their permanent collection. The Center is also home to an immersive children’s art museum with interactive exhibits that engage kids and adults alike.

Relax on the River

Enjoy calming river breezes aboard a Savannah Riverboat cruise. Glide down the Savannah River in one of the traditional paddle-wheel riverboats and take in all the sights and sounds of our historic city. Choose from several different types of cruises — from harbor sightseeing and sunset cruises to brunch and seasonal cruises. There are even special holiday cruises like the upcoming 4th of July Fireworks cruise.

Congress Street Up Bar: Where History & Mixology Meet

This 1920s speakeasy is located in the American Prohibition Museum and offers classes that teach you how to make proper Prohibition-era cocktails. Enjoy the authentic atmosphere, complete with period music and swanky bartenders. Learn the history behind the cocktails you create, take a sip, then take home free swag and impressive new bartending skills. No secret password is required.

These are just a few of the events and activities to do in Savannah. We love living so close to so many events and activities, and then coming home to the southern tranquility of Savannah Quarters. If you visit us in May, you might just stay, so find your next home in our community.

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