In all Savannah Quarters content on digital media, Opens Sans is the preferred font choice.


Savannah Quarters headlines are always displayed capitalized. See the below guide for proper sizing. Subheads and smaller headlines in body copy should be no larger than H3. Use black for headlines, and reverse out on colored backgrounds. In the examples below, the first number is the font weight, then font-size / line-height.

H1 Header: 300 43px / 56px

H2 Header: 300 35px / 44px

H3 Header: bold 20px / 24px

H4 Header: bold 17px / 26px

H5 Header: bold 15px / 26px
H6 Header: 600 13px / 26px

Paragraph Text


Orange: #faa864 / rgb(250, 268, 100)

Blue: #374758 / rgb(55, 71, 88)

Light Gray: #eeeeee / rgb(238, 238, 238)