The Golf Cart Advantage at Savannah Quarters®

April 27th, 2022

Golf carts are cruising all around Savannah Quarters and they are quite a pleasant sight. In a golf-cart-friendly community such as ours, you can conveniently access all amenities, meet up with friends and reduce your carbon footprint all without breaking a sweat.

Sprawling communities offer the perfect excuse to get a golf cart, which is often preferred over cars for urban transportation. With factors such as sustainability, safety, convenience and community in favor of golf carts, it’s no wonder why! Read on to discover exactly how these little vehicles contribute to community growth while rewarding residents.

An Eco-Friendly Option
Increasing numbers of urban-transportation planners are turning to golf carts when brainstorming their builds. One reason is that the use of these mini vehicles actively helps alleviate environmental concerns, which is a major boon. The pollution output, while existent, is minimal in golf cart models powered by gas. Electric golf carts are even more eco-friendly since they use a renewable energy source.

The Mobility Factor
Golf Carts are also relatively safe forms of transportation. They are not constructed for speed, sticking to around 24 miles per hour. Golf carts allow for easier access to amenities than cars do, especially when it comes to parking. Savannah Quarters even has a golf cart path to the nearby Publix Super Market!

Style and Fun
These vehicles are fit for a queen: Queen Elizabeth herself, thriving at the venerable age of 95, has a majestically decked-out golf cart to help her accomplish her tasks. Who wouldn’t want to emulate Her Royal Highness?

Spring has sprung and it’s now officially golf cart weather. A spin in one of these can be a true joyride, particularly in a temperate climate like Savannah. Breathe some fresh air into your routine! Make the most of the carts when socializing and enjoying all the fantastic amenities.

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