The New Year’s New Look: Your Guide to 2024 Interior Design Trends

January 4th, 2024

There’s no truer new beginning than a new home for the new year. The only thing that can top that is giving those homes a new look. That’s why we’re listing the top interior design trends for the next year. Join the rest of the fashion-forward homeowners and peek at the concepts you’d see at the upcoming International Builder Show that are reshaping interiors across America in 2024. Discover how the spacious floor plans of Savannah Quarters homes provide an ideal canvas for the open-plan living that defines the looks of the year to come. From rustic furniture to warm, earthy accents, embark on a journey to elevate your living space into a stylish haven made for 2024.

Industrial Chic – Georgia’s Preferred Look

“Industrial” was the interior design concept that garnered the most Google searches from Georgia in 2023. With its roots in open, light-filled environments, this style captures a darker, neutral color palette. Achieve this look by embracing raw and rough materials adorned with black and sleek detailing. Open-plan living is a hallmark of this style and can really flourish in the spacious floor plans of Savannah Quarters homes. Elevate your space within the Industrial Chic style even more with wooden flooring, offering a contemporary alternative to natural wood. Introduce warmth with copper and brass accents. Opt for tan leather furniture to soften the industrial edge, balancing comfort and minimalist aesthetics. Indulge in this trend that celebrates the intrinsic beauty and functionality of everyday materials.

Turn Down the Lights

Another new shift in interior design is to move away from lighter palettes and embrace hues inspired by the natural world. Designs rooted in deep, earthy colors, including rich rust and red shades, as well as darker wood tones, are gaining prominence. The color trends in homes are also gravitating towards refreshing palettes featuring pale pinks, soft yellows and cozy browns. These shades are the new neutral colors, creating inviting and tranquil living spaces that also connect with natural elements – bringing warmth and comfort to your home.

Prioritizing Look and Feel

Get your hands on this next trend, all about textile and textured walls. Some surfaces and walls should become satisfying to see and touch, incorporating soft fabrics like velvet, mohair and bouclé. The natural materials, harmonizing colors and hyper-textured rich fabrics chosen for homes reflect a desire to make home design satisfying to more senses than just sight to fully create a look and feel of comfort and coziness. Texture is the perfect way to add depth, dimension and decadence to a room, ensuring that spaces are visually appealing and indulgently tactile.

Reuse, Recycle, Refurnish

The progressing landscape of interior design makes a return to classic and refurbished furniture. Refurbishing vintage pieces has become a savvy option for new furnishings. The trend suggests finding a vintage sofa or chairs and breathing new life into them through reupholstering and refinishing—a fix that navigates supply shortages and fosters sustainability. This encourages homeowners to invest in timeless pieces that can endure for decades. The influence of multi-generational social media posts has led to a resurgence of decade-specific trends. A harmonious blend of mid-century styles with modern elements imparts a comfortable lived-in aesthetic to spaces. Embracing a mix of antiques, pre-loved furniture and the revival of 70’s decor fosters a home that exudes uniqueness, character and authenticity.

Layered, Multi-Purpose Lighting

As homes take on increasingly diverse roles, with many spaces serving multiple functions, the significance of thoughtful lighting has never been more apparent. This trend encompasses the creation of inviting light fixtures through the use of warm table lamps, layered chandeliers and floor lamps, ensuring a welcoming ambiance. Practical lighting in areas like kitchens or studies adds functionality, contributing to a transformative effect on a room’s mood and atmosphere. Beyond aesthetics, environmentally friendly products are a key consideration in lighting choices. This holistic approach to lighting design not only enhances the way we utilize our spaces but also aligns with a broader movement toward responsible and sustainable living.

As we conclude our journey through the new year’s interior design trends, we encourage you to take these evolving looks to heart to shape your new home. From the sleek allure of Industrial Chic to embracing earthy hues inspired by the natural world, these trends offer a glimpse into how you can make your next home the most stylish on the street. Whatever you do this new year though, make it wholly yours. Your new home in the new year should be an expression of yourself – that’s what Living In The Heart Of It All is about. Find your next home today.