5 Considerations When Picking a Homesite

August 23rd, 2019

If you’ve decided to build your custom dream home, there are many wonderful options and avenues to consider. From your future home’s layout to the architectural style you prefer, it’s an exciting and memorable experience. Yet one decision could affect the entire homebuilding process, and that is choosing the right homesite.

Your homesite will define your home in a surprising number of ways. Not only will it be where your home is positioned, but it will also shape and complement your lifestyle. How can you be sure you’re choosing the right homesite? We’ve compiled a list of the top considerations when you’re beginning the selection process.

Location, Location, Location

One of the first considerations in narrowing down your homesite is choosing the best community or area. Do you desire something close to all the conveniences or more remote? How close do you need to be to work or schools? Choose a location that accents your life without adding the burden of long commutes. At Savannah Quarters® our location is one of the biggest advantages with shopping, dining, education and healthcare just moments away, plus the advantages of being just a short drive from downtown.

Fits Your Lifestyle

Beyond the essentials, consider how your lifestyle plays into your homesite’s location. Does the location offer a relaxed pace or a more energetic vibe? You should also consider proximity to the things you enjoy doing. Love golfing? Going out with friends? Being close to the water? Communities, like Savannah Quarters®, with a variety of onsite amenities, cut down on drive times while giving you multiple chances to connect with others. You can find a selection of homesites that are close to the energy of the Club at Savannah Quarters®, or quieter and more tranquil, such as those in The Reserve.

Your Ideal Setting

One of the first considerations is the perfect neighborhood or setting.  Whether you prefer to look out to a street of beautiful homes, a scenic waterscape or a natural wooded area, your surroundings are a key part of how your finished home will feel. Our community features neighborhoods with a variety of homesite styles. Residents can choose views that look out to golf, nature, waterscapes and plenty of community activity. In our newest neighborhood, Westbrook Greens, homesites overlook incredible golf-views from our award-winning Greg Norman signature course, as well as a protected nature preserve.

Ready to Build

An often-overlooked consideration is whether the homesite is ready, or if it needs extensive preparation. While the idea of a distant oasis may seem appealing, very few are prepared to tackle the steps needed to get “on the grid”. Often finding an established community with builder-ready homesites is a good first step as it ensures infrastructure and needed utilities are already in place, giving you much less to worry about. Savannah Quarters® has multiple neighborhoods with lots that are ready and waiting for your dream home.

Perfect for Your Dream Home

Once you’ve narrowed down the location, community and neighborhood, picking the one specific lot may feel daunting. Is the lot the right size for the home you’re planning? How will the home sit on the land to give you ample room to enjoy day-to-day living? Does the topography of the site affect your design? Do you need space for a garden, patio or swing-set? Also making sure that your home meets the requirements for your community is a priority. This is often the best time to talk to a professional. In many instances, this may be a builder, realtor or consultant, but at Savannah Quarters® we’ve made the process easy. The team at Savannah Quarters Realty® are homesite specialists and are ready to show you the land that meets your needs for the setting and lifestyle you desire and the home-design you envision. They will also help connect you with a builder to bring your vision to reality.

Live the Dream

When you are ready to get started, the team at Savannah Quarters® Realty is ready to help you find the perfect homesite. As the Savannah Quarters® experts, we know every homesite in the community, whether it is a golf-view homesite in Westbrook Greens or a lagoon view natural site in The Reserve. Go beyond the basics you find online and speak with a team that understands what makes each homesite unique. When you start your journey with us, we’ll get to know what you are wanting to create and then lead you to a selection of homesites that perfectly fits your vision.

Contact us today to learn more about our incredible homesites and community.