Easy Living: The Benefits of Low-Maintenance Homes

August 6th, 2019

If owning a home is the American Dream, then maintaining it is the American Nuisance. Low-maintenance homes were designed so you don’t have to worry about monotonous and strenuous upkeep such as lawn care and hard-to-clean interiors. Whether you’re an empty nester or a busy professional, spending your free time enjoying what you love and less time on your home’s upkeep is most likely a priority in your life.

But what exactly is low-maintenance living? For some home builders and communities, this term can mean very different things. For Savannah Quarters® and our partnered builders, low-maintenance living is not only a type of house, but it’s also a lifestyle that we offer. Ashwood Fine Homes builds these stress-free homes in Danbury Park, and due to the demand for a more relaxed way to be a homeowner, D.R. Horton is also bringing maintenance-free living to select neighborhoods in Whitaker Park of Easthaven.

Let’s explore just what homeowners enjoy when they own a low-maintenance home.

Easy Exteriors

Spending time in your yard should be fun, not a chore. One of the most well-known features of low-maintenance living is that homeowners’ lawns are maintained by the community. Not only does this allow homeowners to live easy, it contributes to a holistic and aesthetically pleasing neighborhood look and feel without a hassle. In Savannah Quarters®, residents of select neighborhoods enjoy services in which our team of lawn care experts care for lawns, gardens, shrubbery and ensure that any roofing, siding or patio issues that may arise are expertly handled.

Easy Interiors

Stress-free living doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style or space. Low-maintenance homes feature an intuitive, open layout that allows for easy cleanup, maneuverability and spaciousness. Even the number of angles and small spaces are taken into consideration. The right materials also contribute to easier living such as tile floors, laminates, easy-to-clean countertops and more. The less glass, mirrors and carpeted surfaces, the better. Residents enjoy their time in their homes instead of wasting hours cleaning and completing chores. All low-maintenance homes in Savannah Quarters® have been built with the homeowner in mind so they can live comfortably.

Easy Tech

Sometimes, a bit of innovation can make a world of difference. Smart home technology has changed the way homebuilders and homeowners alike approach low-maintenance living. Technology such as smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home bring convenience and innovation while other devices such as alarm systems, smart doorbells and more bring security. Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without a great system in place to broadcast WiFi throughout the house. In the incredible Danbury Park neighborhood, Savannah Quarters® has captured the best of smart home solutions in maintenance-free townhomes. Built by Ashwood Fine Homes, WiFi encompasses every inch of our homes in Danbury Park, which are expertly wired for ELAN and Z-Wave technology. This makes for a more seamless and efficient wireless experience.

Easy Living

While there’s plenty that goes into a low-maintenance home, there are also a variety of things you can do as a homeowner that can make your life even more stress-free! First and foremost, decluttering and living minimally will cut down on clean up time significantly. All those knick-knacks and mementos might be great, but they’re dust magnets. Secondly, when you’re selecting your furniture, certain fabrics such as suede, velvet, wool and cotton require more upkeep. Meanwhile, leathers and polyesters are easier to keep clean.


Easy Savannah Living

It’s time to experience low-maintenance living yourself. Savannah Quarters® offers exceptional, stress-free living so our residents can get the very best out of life. Whether you’re looking at an innovative home in Danbury Park or a spacious and convenient home in Whitaker Park of Easthaven, you can be sure that you’re in for a unique and relaxed homeowning experience. With low-maintenance living, you can enjoy your home without the upkeep.

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