Surprise! We are tying the knot right now!

September 20th, 2021

For some, planning a wedding is the epitome of anxiety, stress and undeniable frustration. That’s why James and Amber Schmidt initially decided to have just a small engagement dinner at The Club at Savannah Quarters instead of a formal wedding. They knew it would be the perfect place to hold such an event and impress their family and friends.

Amber, a flight attendant from Atlanta, met James, a native Wisconsinite now stationed at Hunter Army airfield, two years ago after she had downloaded the Bumble dating app, and they matched. “We hit it off instantly. He planned a date downtown, and it was the best date I had ever been on, and we’ve been together ever since,” Amber said. Their love of travel and fitness had brought them closer together even while their hectic schedules kept them apart.

Amber found The Club at Savannah Quarters online. After touring the venue with the Catering Director, Millie Grimes, she booked it because of the stunning interior space and rustic Lowcountry charm. Meanwhile, news of their plan to elope met with significant criticism. “We received a ton of negative feedback. A lot of people were seriously upset that they could not be a part of our special day,” Amber explained.

Due to the reaction from family and friends, Amber went back to The Club, asking if the engagement dinner could turn into a surprise wedding. Millie not only wholeheartedly agreed, but she also assured them that she and her staff would enthusiastically go above and beyond to execute the surprise to absolute perfection. They were able to quickly accommodate the requested change with only a few days’ notice. The Club already looked amazing, so very few additional decorations were needed, helping to keep the secret intact.

Both Bride and Groom kept tight-lipped throughout the plan and up until their special day. They even agreed that the one who spilled the beans would owe the other $1,000 dollars! “We didn’t tell a single person, not even our parents,” Amber said. Besides themselves, the only other people who knew were The Club staff and their pastor, who ended up attending the party as a secret guest.

After an outstanding dinner coupled with the impeccable service provided by the incredible Savannah Quarters chefs and staff, the party games began. The last game involved a slideshow of places Amber and James had visited, with guests having to guess where they were. The final picture emerged showing James and Amber in the courthouse holding up a marriage license. As confused guests looked around, she and James explained that they were getting married in the next 30 minutes! Everyone cheered and stepped outside while they changed outfits for the ceremony.

Thanks to the exceptional attention and care provided at The Club by Millie and her staff, James and Amber’s surprise wedding turned out even better than they expected. “Everything came together so perfectly, I would not have done it any other way,” Amber said. Millie was honored to have hosted this one-of-a-kind special occasion. “I had never done anything like this before and was thrilled to be a part of the secret. This is what I love most about my job; it is ALWAYS different and exciting with each couple,” Millie said.

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