Take a Day Trip to Tybee Island

September 11th, 2023

The Savannah Quarters Good Life is not just about the wonderful homes and amenities within the community, our idealistic location is another great feature. For example, the enchanting Tybee Island is very close by. If you haven’t made the trek to Tybee yourself, here’s our guide for how best to send off summer with a day trip to the best beach around.

Drive Through Downtown Savannah

The first part of any day trip is getting there. We suggest you go through downtown Savannah. On your drive, take a moment to appreciate the oak trees adorned with Spanish moss, the fountain of Forsyth Park, as well as the unique architecture of the antebellum Olde Pink House and the Gothic Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. If you’re hungry, you can stop for an early lunch on River Street or grab a snack for later at the Savannah Candy Kitchen.

Look out for Tybee Island Light Station and Museum

One of the first things you’ll see upon arrival to Tybee Island is its quintessential icon, Tybee Island Light Station, the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Georgia. The tower was built 40 years before the founding of America, in 1736, and played important roles in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Bring history to life with some illumination!

Dive Into the Tybee Island Marine Science Center

Have a truly coastal experience at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. Discover through personal interaction about local marine life and what lives in the ocean, in marshes, and on coastal land. Check out the recently renovated facility and learn about the wonderful world beneath the water.

Take a Tour Alongside Dolphins

For an even closer look at animal life in the ocean, Captain Derek’s Dolphin Adventure Tour on Tybee Island gives you direct encounters with dolphins. With rides available from dawn to dusk, bring some snacks aboard the tour boat and watch the dolphins dance behind you in the wake.

Stand Ready at Fort Pulaski

Whether you love nature or American heritage, Fort Pulaski is a piece of history surrounded by scenic trails that lead to the beach. See the architectural ingenuity and the scars from battle on the fort’s interiors and exteriors, and discover what the life of a soldier was like. It’s a great chance to walk outside, plus dogs are allowed!

See a Show at Tybee Post Theater

Looking for some evening entertainment? Originally constructed as a movie theater for Army soldiers in 1930, the Tybee Post Theater is a stellar performing arts and film venue. Regularly showing the latest movies, local artists in concert, or touring stage shows, the Post Theater has a calendar worth checking out to see what’s showing when you visit Tybee Island.

Take the Day Trip Into the Night

When the sun goes down, you don’t have to! Tybee Island has a sprawling, vivacious night scene where you can mingle with friends and dance all night. These fun, beach-themed bars and restaurants are a great exclamation point on your day for some food, a tasty mixed drink, or just a late-night walk along the neon-lit sidewalk.

Tybee Island is waiting for you, and so are we! For access to our premier master-planned community with sophisticated homes near downtown Savannah and Tybee Island, reach out to us and start living the Good Life.